Biga de Luberri, Rioja, Crianza, 2015


Contains Sulphites.

About Luberri

Authenticity, honesty, independence, thoroughness.” Florentino Martinez Monje’s guiding principles are inherent in the carefully crafted, traditional wines he makes in Rioja’s Alavesa region. A self-made man, Florentino started off life as a grape supplier to Artadi, before deciding to set up his own winery in order to produce this range of wines. Few know as much about the region as he does, nor how to get the best out of the local vineyards. With an intimate understanding of the 32 hectares he farms, spread out over multiple parcels, vineyards are cultivated and then vinified for specific wines, a flower to bottle approach that gives these fine traditional Rioja’s an authenticity and clear sense of purpose. A farmer first and foremost, what makes these wines interesting is the great quality of fruit that comes out of the vineyards. Winemaking is traditional but precise, with a mixture of French and American oak barrels employed, and minimal racking, giving oak flavours that are present but not over-bearing. In treading a nice balance between traditional and modern, the Luberri output is Rioja at its most honest and satisfying.

Appellation: Rioja

Spains most famous wine growing region is seeing something of a revolution. A band of new producers are shunning the traditional methods of production in a effort to gain greater purity of fruit, less dominant oak influence, and individual terroir characteristics. The results are wines that have the ability to age and improve in bottle, that have finesse, character and real elegance.

Grape Type: Tempranillo

Tempranillo is now a widely recognised varietal, largely due to the international fame of Rioja, for which it is a key varietal. Being thick-skinned and producing vibrant fruit driven wines with depth and longevity it is often regarded as Spain's answer to Cabernet Sauvignon. Ripening two weeks earlier than Garnacha, and having a short growing period, it is better suited to Rioja's higher and cooler Alta and Alevesa areas. Excellent examples from Rioja include St Vicente and Amancio from Eguren and the more traditional style wines of La Rioja Alta, namely Gran Reserva 904 and our own-label Rioja Reserva. As well as being planted throughout central Spain, the Toro region is increasingly recognised as producing world-class Tempranillo, the wines at Teso La Monja, namely Almirez, Alabaster and Victorino show signs of greatness! It is also known as Tinto Fino in Ribera del Duero and Tinto Roriz in Portugal.