Numanthia Termes

The estate takes its name from the city of Numanthia which in 133 B.C. fought its last battle after a tiresome siege by the Roman Legion. The orginal owners the Egurens wanted to commemorate the fighting spirit this town embodied by naming their Toro estate after it. From the 2007 vintage the estate has been in the hands of LVMH, the Egurens selling up and establishing the Teso La Monja estate. The vines themselves are today fighting their own honourable battle against phylloxera, still ungrafted and aged between 70 -140 years old. Expect big, bold power, harnessed in sleek dark clothing.
Colour Range:
Number of Wines:
3 wines
Price Range:
£210.00 - £722.13
Numanthia Termes