Terre Nere 2012

Terre Nere 2012: A one in fifty year vintage.

2012 was an extraordinary and extreme year, prompting winemaker Calogero to coin it “a one in fifty year vintage.” It was a hot and dry year, the polar opposite to 2013, and there was barely a drop of rain during the summer season. Apart from having great experience amongst the vines and being able to invest heavily in vineyard work, the estate is also blessed with old vines. The Crus all start at about 50 years old and go up to well over 100. These deep roots clearly coped very well with the year’s extremities and ripened their fruits to the full. The wines are seductive, powerful and bursting with intense, exotic fruit character.

This is the 10th vintage for Marc de Grazia’s tremendously in demand Sicilian estate, nestled high on the slopes of Mount Etna. Manipulating fine old plots of Nerello Mascalese, Marco fashions some of Southern Italy’s most beguiling wines. Almost everything is done by hand, maturation takes place in primarily used French oak barriques, and the resulting cuvées articulate their site characteristics in a manner reminiscent of fine red Burgundy.