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Bolney Estate


United Kingdom



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Bolney Estate

Bolney Estate is a small, award winning family run winery nestled into the South Downs on predominantly south facing sandstone slopes. Founded by Rodney and Jane Pratt in 1972 the estate celebrated 40 years of wine making in 2012. In the age of new English Wineries popping up every few minutes this makes them something of an established name. Yet, in focussing on red wines they have remained relatively under the radar. That is, until we tasted their traditional method sparkling wines, which seem more balanced and refined than almost anything else we’ve tasted from the UK. The current winemaker is Rodney & Jane’s daughter Sam Linter who has been at the helm since 1997. She’s obviously quite at home there as she seems to have a good handle on achieving balance from the extremes of the UK growing season. Unusually for most British producers the Bolney Fruit comes entirely from their own 39 acre plantings.