Cote de Brouilly, 2011

  Domaine des Roches Bleues

Cote de Brouilly

Contains Sulphites.

About Domaine des Roches Bleues

Although Côte de Brouilly is one of the Crus of Beaujolais, that is as far as their association goes. The former, in the right hands, can be the source of structured, middle-weight wines that take on the earthier characteristics of mature Pinot Noir as they age. The vines of Domaine des Roches Bleues are planted on well-exposed, blue granite slopes where they enjoy plenty of sun (to aid ripening) and cooling breezes. This helps build up acidity and primary fruit flavours in the grapes, the lack of which can be a problem on the still, hot, flatter land below. The vineyards also benefit from Dominique’s implementation of ‘Lutte Raisonée’, a practically organic philosophy, which works in tandem with the enviroment to tackle
viticultural problems, ignoring chemical treatments, including pesticides and herbicides. The above factors, Dominique’s winemaking experience and the impressive old wood vats used for maturation, culminate in tantalisingly juicy, pure and mineral wines.

Appellation: Côte de Brouilly

A separate appellation to Brouilly that comprises a mere 300ha of land higher up the hillside from Brouilly itself. The wines from the Cotes de Brouilly, owing to their hillside location, tend to be more powerful than those produced in Brouilly's lower vineyards.