Meursault, Les Narvaux , 2002


Explosive Meursault, revitalising flavours of lime zest coupled with honeysuckle notes butter and spice.

Contains Sulphites.

About d'Auvenay

This is Madame Lalou Bize Leroy’s own private domaine of 3.67 ha. Here Biodynamic and organic methods are used in the vineyards, as at Domaine Leroy and the wines are aged in temperature-controlled cellars in Auxey-Duresses. The microscopic yields mean that quantities of these wines are very limited indeed and most sell out before reaching the list.

Appellation: Meursault

Meursault is the largest commune in the Côte de Beaune (spanning over 370ha) producing predominantly white wines. There are no Grand Cru vineyards, but its Premier Crus can equal the best white wines in the Côte de Beaune. The finest vineyards are Les Perrières, Les Genevrières, and Les Charmes. In addition Meursault has a plethora of other named vineyards that aren't Premier Cru but nonetheless show their own distinct characteristics and can offer excellent value, some of the best are Chevalières, Tessons, Clos de la Barre, Luchets, Narvaux, and Tillets. These are lower-lying than the Premiers Crus but are much more interesting than the villages wines of Puligny where the water table is higher. The low water-table is also the reason why some of the region's deepest cellars can be found in Meursault. The commune is big so the style and quality are varied. Generally speaking Meursault is known for its full body and, nutty, buttery character. The best examples have enough vitality and acidity to balance out the 'fat.'