Escherndorfer Lump, Silvaner, Eiswein, 2009

  Horst Sauer

Escherndorfer Lump, Silvaner, Eiswein

The glorious result of a harvest carried out on the 15th December at -14 degrees, for the first time ever in the snow! Textured like fine honey, a supreme intensity to the sweetness, clean and pure and fine, delicate citrus notes, blossom honey and spun sugar, opulent and dense but with a vivid uplifting acidity.

Contains Sulphites.

About Horst Sauer

In one of Franken’s great wine producing villages, Escherndorf, award-winning winemaker Horst Sauer crafts wines of purity and intensity of flavour. These mainly dry or ‘trocken’ wines are excellent with asian/oriental food and fish. Horst also makes some sublime late harvest wine that mix richness, purity and mouth-watering acidity. Riesling, Silvaner, Rivaner and Pinot Noir are the principal grape varieties grown on the estate. The Silvaner, a grape that is rarely afforded as much respect anywhere else, flourishes on the Lump Vineyard's limestone soils producing energetic concentrated wines, while the Riesling shows a sturdier more structured side to its character than in other parts of germany. For most of his range Horst employs the traditional Franken bottle, the short wide ‘Bocksbeutel’, whilst the more international Bordeaux style bottles are used for the modern stylish, Frank and Fresh wines.

Appellation: Franken

Home to Horst Sauer, Franken lies in central Germany and was traditionally known as the centre for Germany's most serious Silvaner production. In the hands of Horst Sauer both Silvaner and Riesling are capable of producing excellent wines with greater power and structure than those found in the Mosel. Trocken wines are most common and can have superb intensity when produced here, but the BA's, TBA's and Eisweins, when produced are not to be missed.