Westhofen, Abst E Riesling, Trocken, Grosses Gewächs, 2011

  Weingut Keller

This is the rockiest vineyard on the Keller estate, producing tiny powerful grape berries. This is even more intense than the Hubacker and shows greater elegance too. Long seamless flavours of orange essence, lemon zest, stone fruits, dry stones and minerals, pure vivid and moreish. Glorious. Unlike the standard estate wines, the Grosse Gewachs are all aged in large used oak cask. An early flowering pointed to an early harvest but a cool, wet summer slowed this down. Sunny weather returned from September onwards and in the end harvest was in October and November as usual. According to the Kellers there were "t shirt temperatures during harvest", this sun and heat together with the long hang time of the grapes have made for intense ripe and smooth-textured wines.

Contains Sulphites.

About Weingut Keller

One of Germany’s truly great estates, we are delighted to offer Keller’s wines for the first time as of the 2007 vintage. Since the late eighties, Klaus Keller has rapidly gained a very serious reputation for making top flight German Riesling in both dry, fruity and sweet styles. More recently, Klaus’s son Klaus-Peter has joined the team after completing his wine-making studies at Geisenheim and is helping to drive quality forward even further. As with any top producer worth his salt, Keller believes good vineyard management is the key to success. Based in the Rhinehessen, where the wines have more generosity and richness than in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer or even Nahe, the Kellers are able to produce some of Germany’s most complete dry wines in addition to wonderful fruity and sweet late harvest styles

Appellation: Rheinhessen

The Rheinhessen lies with the crook of the Rhine to the north and east, the Nahe to the west, Pfalz to the South and the Rheingau to the North over the river. Keller crafts his fabulous dry, fruity and sweet wines here, where the vines produce more generosity and richness than in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer or even Nahe.