Toscana IGT Sangiovese, 2008

  Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera

Contains Sulphites.

About Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera

Gianfranco and Graziella Soldera fell in love with this beautiful but abandoned and uncultivated estate in the early 1970s. They purchased the land and immediately devoted themselves to it aiming to make a Brunello di Montalcino of the very highest quality, in the process respecting the vineyards, nature and allowing the ecosystem it sits within to flourish. Today the place is harmonious, beautiful and peaceful, and the wines have become something of a legend. Soldera is produced from just seven organically managed hectares, it is made in a traditional style, fermented in oak tanks using wild yeasts and only estate-grown grapes, before ageing for 5 years in large Slavonian oak casks. The wines are what Brunello di Montalcino always used to be, before over ripeness, heavy new oak ageing and extraction became fashionable: They are beautifully elegant and nuanced, whilst refined and reserved they are complex, sophisticated and powerful but immensely drinkable. Every sip gently reveals another layer, another character and the wine is fresh and delicate enough to keep you wanting more. Robert Parker has said of this wine: “At their best, these are some of the most profound wines being made anywhere on the planet.” This is certainly the appellation’s shining star.

Appellation: Brunello di Montalcino

An important Tuscan DOCG known for the production of intensely powerful red wines made from the Brunello clone of Sangiovese which reaches levels of richness and structure not found elsewhere in Tuscany. The climate is arid and warm though cooled by a maritime breeze from the south west. The zone is essentialy split into two: a warmer southern region that producers earlier drinking, fuller wines, and the Northern, higher altitude zone on Galestro soils that produces more aromatic, finer examples, Pertimali being amongst them.