Vin Santo del Chianti Classico, 2001

  Podere il Palazzino

A deep colour, which comes from its ageing in chestnut wood. A honeyed intense palate with balsamic touches. Nutty, salty and refreshing
with a twist of citrus rind, There is an almost Oloroso depth and richness to this; long, complex and hugely moreish. Stunning. Only the
family pick the grapes (predominantly Malvasia di Toscana with some Trebbiano Toscano) whilst they are still healthy and fresh to ensure
the resultant wine has plenty of acidity and clean fruit flavours. They are then hung on hooks berry by berry, naturally dried by air. Once they
have reached 32 potential alcohol degrees, they then undergo a series of natural stop/start fermentations in sealed chestnut and oak barrels.
The wine retains circa 100g/l of residual sugar and 15% alcohol.

Contains Sulphites.

About Podere il Palazzino

The Sderci family purchased this ailing estate in 1972 in the prime Monti-Gaiole district of the Classico region. Through a great deal of hard work and investment, they have completely turned around its fortunes. A modern approach is taken here: all fermentation is temperature controlled, the older Chianti varieties of Trebbiano and Malvasi have been grubbed up in favour of Sangiovese, de-stalking and hand picking are also practised. The Sdercis have started to discover the varying terroirs and characteristics of their different vineyards, and are now vinifying ageing and bottling the produce of three of their vineyards separately. From the soft, floral Argenina, the powerful mineral Pieve to the sturdy, long-lived Grosso Sanese the wines display ripeness depth and structure without losing the native energy and complexity of the Sangiovese grape.