Vouvray, Le Haut Lieu, Sec, 2008

  Gaston Huët

Vouvray, Le Haut Lieu, Sec

This is at the upper end of the dry scale with over 10g/l residual sugar but don’t let the analysis confuse matters; the sugar offsets the acidity well and so the wine tastes dry on the finish, very pretty aromas of honeysuckle, ripe fruit juice, Cox and Golden Delicious, floral and zesty.

Contains Sulphites.

Appellation: Vouvray

The most famous Chenin Blanc producing region in the Loire and home to the famous cave cellars dug into the Tuffeau banks of the Loire. The wines from Vouvray, almost exclusively Chenin Blanc, can be produced in styles ranging from the utterly dry, through demi sec, (medium-dry) to the sweet moelleux. The latter is produced by numerous passages through the vineyards, and only in exceptional years. Due to the exceptional acidities present in these wines they have an ability to age only matched, in white wines, by German Riesling.