Great Paloma, Pinot Noir, 2011

  Palliser Estate

Contains Sulphites.

About Palliser Estate

Since Palliser started exporting in 1991 they have won world-wide recognition for the consistency and outstanding quality of their wines, picking up a whole string of accolades along the way, the most recent of which was in July when they were voted Exporter of the Year by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. To capitalise on the fabulous terroir here, the sun-baked hills, the old river plain and loamy free-draining soil, the estate has a highly-skilled winemaker/viticulturist in Allan Johnson. This dual role allows him to have complete control of the wine-producing process from grape to bottle. The philosophy here is to work towards high quality fruit as environmentally friendly as possible. Palliser spends almost twice as much money than most other producers on viticulture to ensure the grapes are given full exposure to the sun and can ripen under perfect conditions. The success of their wineproducing policy gained recognition in 1998 when they one of the first three wineries in the world to be certified to International Environmental Standard ISO 14001. These are wonderful, modern examples of wine, generous, exuberant and beautifully balanced.

Appellation: Martinborough

At the southern tip of the North Island sits Martinborough, are area of great terroir diversity. Numerous mall scale producers go to great lenghts in the pursuit of quality investing much of their effort in vineyard management and achieving low yields. Palliser and Dry River demonstrate just how good the wines from the region can be.