A brilliant set of wines from Ossian

A brilliant set of wines from Ossian
Julia Harding of JancisRobinson.com today writes of the delicious Quintaluna 2015 in their “wine of the week” section. Our last remaining stock of the 2015 is available to order before the even better 2016 hits British shores next week. Along with Quintaluna, we are thrilled to offer their flagship Ossian 2014 and limited quantities of Capitel, a very rare bird. Now for a little context…

Fanatics of the Verdejo grape variety, Ossian’s vineyards have some of the oldest vines in the world. Located just outside the Spanish town of Nieva where the soils are predominantly sandy, these ancient pre-phylloxera plants yield few and tiny berries; excellent raw material for intense, pithy, smoke and flint-scented wines with extraordinary ageing potential. Verticals of Ossian continue to astound for sheer quality and fantastic value for money. The 2014 Ossian is a full bodied, savoury delight, exuding pithy citrus fruit, freshly squeezed lemon, succulent green olives and salt-inflected, mineral textures.

We have limited quantities of Capitel 2014 available - the estate’s top wine - coming from the very oldest parcel of vines, grown on a combination of sand and slate. It is a more serious, mineral proposition but is broader and more complex too. Eyes-closed, its wispy reductive notes on the nose lean to great white Burgundy, until unctuous white currant and savoury spices on the palate point more towards place of origin.

As prices in the world’s great wine regions continue to rise, growing interest in authentic, individual wines leave wonderful old estates like Ossian primed to take centre stage. We love these honest, characterful wines, and heartily recommend them.