Great value wines from the Guinaudeau family

Great value wines from the Guinaudeau family
We are very proud to be agents for the Guinaudeau wines in the UK. Jacques, Sylvie, Baptiste, Julie and their team are meticulous vignerons who constantly strive to improve all their wines. Chateau Lafleur, recently described as “one of the world’s greatest red wines” by the Wall Street Journal’s Will Lyons, quite rightly takes most of the plaudits. This magnificent terroir produces one of the most unique and mesmerising wines from anywhere in the world. However, the same painstaking level of detail goes into their other cuvees: Grand Village Blanc, Grand Village Rouge, Les Champs Libres and "G", making them not only some of the most interesting wines from the region, but also some of the best value.

Having located the perfect “St Emilion” terroir in the appellation of Fronsac, the Guinaudeaus planted the vineyard using a massale selection of vines from Lafleur. The 2014 "G" Acte 6 is perhaps the breakthrough vintage for this wine. Previous efforts have all been wonderful wines, but they perhaps lacked the sense of identity we found in the 2014. Acte 6 is a staggeringly beautiful example of Cabernet Franc, with a nobility that bears more than a passing resemblance to Lafleur, albeit in a slightly less grand and intellectual fashion. The family are clearly very pleased that their vision and hard work has reaped such glorious results.

At Jacques and Sylvie’s home estate of Grand Village, the wines go from strength to strength. Again, the regal Cabernet Franc aromatics give this a class and presence above and beyond its humble price tag. This may only be ‘Bordeaux AOC’, but this is a Guinaudeau wine, produced with exceptional skill and all the resources at their disposal. This is very real and vital; a proper wine with beautifully delineated flavours that will delight drinkers for years to come. The Grand Village Blanc is a most refreshing antidote to the ubiquitous style of Sauvignon Blanc – it is perhaps the most mineral and refined example we can remember tasting.

Things appear to be moving a bit today. Other notable releases include, Jonathan Maltus’ Le Dome and Teyssier as well as Calon Segur’s sister property, Chateau Capbern (formally Capbern Gasqueton).

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