Elite St Emilion

Pavie and Angelus are very different terroirs and very different wines; however, they will probably forevermore be conjoined. Both Chateaux were promoted to St Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classé A status in 2012, joining Ausone and Cheval Blanc in the very top echelon.

Both wines unsurprisingly get lofty scores, Angelus 99-100 and Pavie a straight 100/100 from James Suckling. These are big impressive wines, built for the long haul. At this stage, Angelus is much easier to understand; the fruit is beautiful and precise, the tannins are noble and there is a sense of freshness – it is a terrific and grand wine. The Pavie, in true Perse style is flamboyantly aromatic and hugely endowed with complex fruit, but it loses us with its overbearing tannins. This is not uncommon; in fact, this is a trait of Perse wines. From barrel they can feel a little cumbersome, but experience shows that a graceful transformation takes place in the bottle; the tannins melt into the wine framing the fruit rather than dominating it. It will in time no doubt be sublime.

Troplong Mondot completes our trio of St Emilion releases. This is yet another hugely impressive example; however, whereas in past years we have felt that the winemaking has been heavy handed and alcohol has been too prevalent, this 2015 has a real sense of composure and elegance. Yes it is big and ripe, but it remains fresh and vital. Bravo!

'This shows the purity of Angelus. I have never tasted a wine from here with such incredible clarity. Full body, full fruit and full beauty. Super silky tannins. A joy to taste. Makes you want to drink it. 62% merlot and 38% cabernet franc. 99-100/100’. - James Suckling, JamesSuckling.com

'For me, this redefines Pavie. The depth and intensity and more important, the clarity, is really something. Full and ultra-fine tannins. It shows such great tannins and finesse. It is the essences of Pavie. 100/100’. - James Suckling, JamesSuckling.com

Troplong Mondot
'A luscious and rich red with blackberry, chocolate and walnut aromas and flavors. Full body, very harmonious and super bright. All about clarity. A majority of merlot with some cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. 96-97/100’. - James Suckling, JamesSuckling.com, March 2016

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