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Bordeaux 2019: The Guinaudeau wines: Lafleur, Pensées, Les Perrieres, Champs Libres and Grand Villages
04 June 2020

We are delighted to announce the release of the entire 2019 portfolio from the Guinaudeau family. In this year’s vintage report, Jacques Guinaudeau remarked: “Just a few years ago, we would have presented the climate conditions of 2019 as atypical. Today it is becoming clear that these conditions are the new normal! The climatic conditions of the past four years are quite similar, with important recurring factors: the absence of a “real” winter, a very early spring, a hot and very dry summer. We are strongly aware of this important climatic evolution. Healthy common sense and vigneron intuition help us to adapt and refine, together with our team, our viticultural practices”. Omri Ram added, "Initially it looked like a solaire vintage, resembling 2015 or 2017 with its easy, voluptuous texture, but the more we taste, the more it moves towards 2016 and 2018. At the centre, there is something deeply mineral and complex; it’s serious: the aromatics, the freshness and the tannic spine all speak of a great, long-term Lafleur”.

The Guinaudeau family does not distribute its wines through the Place de Bordeaux, and nor does it like to participate in the associated games. Loyalty and stability are built through steady pricing, transparent release volumes and consistently producing outstanding quality wines. As such, we are pleased to release exactly the same volumes as last year, at exactly the same prices (the only exception being Pensées, which returns to a normal yield after an unusually small 2018). It may appear that Lafleur isn’t adhering to the same rules as other chateaux, who are offering large discounts on their 2019s; however, as we’ve already said, it doesn’t play that game. Dynamic and restless, the Lafleur team is in a rich vein of form; this is undoubtedly the most successful period in its history. Genetic material (Bouchet, old vine Cabernet Franc) taken from the Lafleur vineyard, is clearly benefitting the wines of Grand Village and Perrieres, which have never been better. As for the whites, the Loire Sauvignon Blanc clones, coupled with the team’s greater understanding of these varietals and white winemaking practices, have resulted in thrilling, vibrant, unique wines. We believe wholeheartedly in the entire range and are immensely proud to be one of their distributors in the UK.

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