Burgfest 2010: A blind tasting of the top White Burgundies from the 2010 vintage

Burgfest 2010: A blind tasting of the top White Burgundies from the 2010 vintage
I felt honoured and excited to join the White Burgfest tasting 2010 earlier this spring. The event offered a rare chance to blind taste all of the top 1ers and Grand Cru white burgundies, from one vintage, over two and a half days. There was a crack tasting team of ten people, made up of the UK’s top Burgundy buyers, aficionados and journalists. We tasted 162 wines, all from the famed 2010 vintage, in flights grouped by commune and then by vineyard or terroir.

Overall 2010 proved itself to be an excellent vintage. There will always be disappointments and variability in a one-off tasting of this magnitude, but by and large the standard was high. The brilliant quality of the tasting’s best wines in mind match anything we have seen from recent white Burgundy vintages. At time of release the vintage was famed for its mix of ripeness and racy intensity. Whilst acidities were high, they were nothing like as searing as in 2007, some wines performed better the longer they were open and will certainly benefit from being decanted but that said the tasting was far from tough-going. There was more evidence of botrytis and overripe fruit in the wines than I remembered from my barrel tastings, but in many cases this lack of “typicity” as some would call it did not bother me at all, where the wine was properly in balance. In fact I found this fruit exuberance extremely seductive.

Find below a selection of some of my best-performing wines.

For more detail information on the event, wines and flights please see the Buyers Blog article.

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