Tuscan Coast 2011: Duemani

Tuscan Coast 2011: Duemani
Tuscany’s "unstoppable forces."

Luca d’Attoma is a Tuscan coast winegrower more famously known for his winemaking and consultancy work at Tua Rita and Macchiole, whilst his own project Duemani travels surreptitiously under the radar. Well, not for long perhaps. Luca continues to refine his winemaking and the latest release, 2011, is a perfect example. This was a precocious, very hot and windy vintage, so picking quickly was vital. Duemani started as early as 20th August. It is the more challenging years that provide the truest test of a great wine producer and in this respect Luca has really earned his spurs. We think his 2011s are some of the most stylish and refined wines to be found on the Tuscan coast. They seemed to catch Antonio Galloni’s eye, too:

"I was super-impressed with the wines I tasted at Duemani this year. Propietors Luca d’Attoma and Elena Celli appear to be unstoppable forces here. The 2011s are fabulous…." Antonio Galloni September 2013 www.vinousmedia.com

One of the rising stars in Italy.

Duemani Stylish poised and surprisingly fresh for such a “hot vintage.” The fruit is ripe but crystal clear and high-toned. Overall the wine is distinctly at the more subtle end of the Tuscan Coast spectrum. Beautifully sensual soft loganberry, bramble and red cherry fruit, touches of sweet Asian spices, with more sappy notes of salt and herb. The tannins are binding but gentle and add a welcome friction to the smooth, slick fruit. Wonderful Cabernet Franc. A small production this year, just 4500 bottles made. Aged in 90% new oak for 18 months.

Suissasi 11 A darker, bigger beast compared to the more demure Duemani Cabernet Franc but polished and mulit-layered with it. Soft, dark velvety bramble fruit with hints of violet and blueberry, touches of rock salt and pepper. Sumptuous dense and silky. Beautifully rounded tannins with a crisp acidity to balance. Barrel fermented and aged in a mixture of barriques and larger 400l barrels. Even smaller in production than Duemani, less than 4000 bottles were made.

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