Riesling to put a spring in your step

Riesling to put a spring in your step
German Riesling is the most joyful, vibrant and underappreciated white wine in the world. There, we’ve said it! What’s more, it costs a fraction of the price that it should, provides pleasure from day one and has the potential to age reliably for decades. What’s not to like? That there isn’t (yet) a stampede to secure some of the world’s finest whites remains a mystery, but interest is certainly growing and we are proud to have spent a very long time building what we believe is the best German list in the country.

Limiting that range to a small selection for today’s offer was wrought with challenges! Nevertheless, we eventually settled on three outrageously good Mosel Rieslings, in stock and ready to go, ranging from Trocken (dry) to Spatlese (medium) – the perfect sweetness levels for Springtime drinking.

Schloss Lieser is on a run of form that would leave most estates scratching their heads. The wines of Piesporter Goldtropfchen, one of Thomas Haag’s latest vineyard acquisitions, were a roaring success across all sweetness levels in 2017, as the team properly harnessed the spirit of this aristocratic site for the first time. The Grosses Gewachs bottling, representing the pinnacle of dry wine production, was one of the dry wines of the vintage, not just in the Mosel but across the whole of Germany. It is a caressing, succulent Riesling imbued with golden apples, white honey and a deep, iron-rich slate minerality which controls the exuberance and pliancy of the clear, noble fruit. Both buoyant and refreshing, Thomas Haag’s wines are pure class.

Weingut Fritz Haag is a storied producer cut firmly in a traditional mould. And if there is one category of wine that speaks to tradition, perhaps more than any other, it is the Mosel Kabinett that has won the hearts and minds of Riesling lovers the world over. Occasionally overlooked in favour of the more immediately impressive Spatlesen and Auslesen, when Kabinett is on song, it can certainly ride with the best of them. With that in mind, we have selected a very special Auction Kabinett 2016 from Oliver Haag to offer today. Auction wines represent the absolute pinnacle of an estate’s production and are released in miniscule quantities. Such was the quality of the 2016 vintage for the off-dry wines, the estate decided to bottle a Kabinett from the heart of the legendary Juffer Sonnenuhr. It is one of the most majestic, complex Kabinetts we can ever remember tasting. This is traditional, off-dry Riesling at its absolute zenith.

Joh Jos Prüm is an estate that needs no introduction. We are delighted to have bought and shipped a small parcel of Graacher Himmelreich Spatlese 2012 directly from the estate. Cool and concentrated, purity is the absolute defining feature of this wine, its citrussy crystalline fruit dances across the palate, offering up notes of lime zest, essential oils, white flowers and apricot stones. Its sweetness is delivered in perfect harmony with its freshness – classic, fruity, slate-driven Mosel Riesling.