Roundup: Germany 2015 En Primeur

Roundup: Germany 2015 En Primeur
Never have we seen such a buzz around a German en primeur campaign. The hotly anticipated 2015 Rieslings and 2014 Spatburgunders drew record numbers to our annual tasting. It’s wonderful to see demand continue to go from strength to strength, and so rewarding to meet new customers eager to understand the delights of German wine.

Our tasting showed that when it comes to elegance, intensity and site-driven transparency, top estate-bottled Riesling competes at an elite level. Combined with a faithfulness to tradition; buoyant fruity flavours and spicy, mineral-inflected textures, Riesling really has no equal. On the night, the wines of Emrich-Schonleber were hugely successful; particularly the sophisticated, dazzlingly clear dry wines Fruhtau and Halgans - mini-GGs in every sense. The legendary wines of Maximin Grunhaus were of course a hit, as the bright and playful intensity of the Bruderberg Kabinett made many friends. Schloss Lieser continue to produce extraordinary wines at very reasonable prices – the Lieser Niederberg Helden Spatlese, from the home vineyard, offers succulent golden fruit flavours with a real lightness of touch. At Auslese level, a particularly strong category this year, there were many contenders, but we have an exciting Bernkasteler Lay Auslese Goldcap to offer from JJ Prum. This is the first time a Goldcap has been produced from this vineyard, and it simply oozes cool, concentrated, clear fruit droplets.

Pure sugar ripeness, low levels of botrytis and ripe acidities have yielded gloriously fresh and complex wines from the bottom to the top. This is a vintage that, in the words of Oliver Haag “really has something for everyone”.

With that in mind, we are pleased to round up our Germany 2015 offer with a selection that should not be missed.

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