The 'Grand Crus' of Rudolf Furst

The 'Grand Crus' of Rudolf Furst
One look at the stats surrounding our ongoing Burgundy 2011 campaign and its plain to see there is an awful lot of love for the region and its beguiling pinot noirs. As long champions of this incredible region, we should point out that it's not that this interest is new, it is just spreading to further corners of the wine loving world.

And while interest in great Burgundian pinot continues to grow, so does interest in a handful of other country's efforts with this great yet capricious grape variety. Germany's finest Spatburgunders (Pinot Noirs) are fast gaining recognition amongst committed pinotphiles as offering an old world addition to the delights of Burgundy. A handful of estates are leading the charge, among them the great Weingut Rudolf Furst in Franken.

The modern era at this estate, under Rudolf's son Paul and his son Sebastian has seen purchases of parcels of vines in the historic Centgrafenberg and incredibly steep Schlossberg vineyards, both famed for their pinot noir production. Every effort is taken it the vineyards to keep yields low, including the replanting 10 years ago of 2/3 of the Schlossberg vineyard with Fin and Tres Fin Burgundian clones. High density planting, green harvesting and intense canopy management are all ways in which the Fursts like to make the vines suffer, in an effort to have them produce even finer, more intense fruit, and purer, finer more sophisticated wines. It is a policy that undoubtedly works, as the ever increasingly high quality output from this superb estate attests to.

The wines below are offered En Primeur, and will be shipped in the next two months.

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