New release - Soldera 2008

New release - Soldera 2008
Soldera 2008 "Great Elegance…Long lasting"

Gianfranco Soldera has released his wonderful 2008s. This is a very fine Brunello year that, fortunately, was largely spared the well-documented vandalism that destroyed the majority of Soldera’s numerous un-bottled vintages. The bulk of the 2008 was in a cask off the main vat room when the damage occurred and was therefore largely spared. That’s the good news, the bad news is that 2013 will be the first normal-sized vintage that Soldera will be able to release after 2008. There is going to be precious-little of these ethereal wines between now and then.

The 2008 Brunellos came after the much-praised and largely richer 2007s. Rather like the Soldera’s cask of the 2008, this vintage in general is something that has been missed. Subtlety, freshness and beauty are the words that spring to mind of the best 2008s, which can hit great qualitative heights.

In the words of Gianfranco Soldera himself -

“The 2008 vintage has been characterized by a very good weather evolution that ends with the starting of the harvest on Saturday 28th September and – as usual – finished in two days on the 30th September. The fermentation process has been regular, without any problem and went on 20 days. We have obtained at the end of the ageing (63 months long) a wine of great structure and depth. This is wine of density, concentration, immense complexity and great longevity. Toscana Sangiovese IGT 2008 reflect totally the Soldera family’s philosophy: great elegance, great perfumes, harmony, big complexity, long lasting. After about only 7 months from the bottling, the characteristics listed above are already clear. During my experience of 39 vinifications – being able to produce great wines also in the most difficult vintages – I can say that working very hard and with great effort in the vines, on the amount of grapes, on the selection also manual of each berry, one by one (always intact) that enters in the fermentation vat, it is possible to obtain from a soil and an habitat naturally ideal, few bottles but outstanding in quality.”

A great example of pure, unadulterated Sangiovese and one of the world’s greatest wine’s to boot

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