The Illustrious Brunate

The Illustrious Brunate
Brunate or Brinata, as it is written in the ancient municipal land registry of 1477, is one of the original single vineyards of Barolo. The vast majority of this Cru is situated within the commune of La Morra, in the south eastern sector where some of the region's finest vineyards are to be found.

The altitude, between 206 to 400 metres above sea level; its well exposed south and south east orientation to the sun and the complex soils (comprising tuf, clay, limestone mixed with sand and pebbles,) are capable of yielding some of the grandest and most complete wines in the whole of Barolo. A great Brunate is rarely flashy or immediately approachable, it should offer depth, intensity, sophistication, a distinct austerity but a certain finesse that goes with it. Elio Altare famously likens it to Musigny.

Our offer comprises wines from two brilliant exponents of this legendary Cru, the esteemed Roberto Voerzio and the highly-skilled artisan, Marco Marengo.

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