The Penfolds Collection 2018

The Penfolds Collection 2018
The 2018 Penfolds Collection has been released. As always, it is a dazzling range with huge demand the world over. The collection sells out every year and allocations are hard fought. We are delighted to present our selection, most of which are available only in very limited quantities.

For the majority of the wines it is the turn of the 2016 vintage, with the exception of St Henri 2015, which is always released a year later, and the great Penfolds Grange 2014. 2016 saw higher than average temperatures in general, and the wines are benchmark Australians that perfectly suit the Penfolds style. Followers of these wines will not be disappointed. St Henri meanwhile is routinely one of our favourites, and the wine that never sees any new oak. It is raised in fifty year-old wooden fuders and exhibits super classic blue and purple fruit, violet, lavender and star anise. 2015 was a warm and dry year, with enough water reserves in the autumn and winter to ensure steady ripening and harvest slightly earlier than usual.

When it comes to Grange 2014, following the 100-point 2013 was never going to be easy, but the 2014 is a mighty sequel. It’s as commanding and serious as it should be, but in our view the tannins feel more refined, sleeker and the wine easier to broach than the richer, more blockbuster vintages of 2013 and 2010. Australia’s most celebrated wine is still unmistakably Grange, and fabulous it is too, but nowadays it has a poise and tone that speaks to subtleties and acidities as much as heft, perhaps more so than ever before. Grange is a true icon wine and no collection is complete without it.

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