Vega Sicilia's new releases

Vega Sicilia's new releases
We are delighted to be able to offer today three new releases from Spain’s most iconic winery: Unico 2005, Valbuena 2012 and Reserva Especial 2017 release. Having been held in the Vega cellars for a couple of extra years, Unico 2005 comes hot on the heels of the 2007 and 2008 vintages. It is a very different animal to both. Still youthfully structured, complex and intense it’s a wine to stick away in the cellar, or trust to a good decanting. Less dense than the 2004, it will nevertheless prove to be an interesting counterpoint in years to come, with a greater emphasis on complex notes of fig, plum, nori, soy, fresh tobacco and salt than the out and out fruit polish of the 2004. It is truly a wine that captures the complexities and uniqueness of Spain’s most lauded label.

Valbuena this year comes from the excellent 2012 vintage, and is we’re told, the first ever 100% Tempranillo example. It’s a gorgeous wine, aromatically charged with wild sweet red fruits dried strawberry, tobacco, smoke and fresh tea notes, particularly on the finish. The noble wood elements sit well with the fruit, adding a second layer of aromatic complexity that is lovely now, but sure to increase exponentially with a few years on the cellar.

Finally, there is a release of Reserva Especial, Vega’s homage to years gone by, a marriage of three different vintages, designed to be approachable on release. Blended almost 8 years ago, it has undergone extended barrel ageing, and extra time in bottle. This year the assemblage is dominated by the exceptional 2004, with the addition of lighter vintages 2003 and 2006 bringing finesse and immediacy. Velour of tannin, littered with of wild hedgerow fruit notes, a touch of sweet mushroom and cola nut on the finish, it is entirely Vega Sicilia, in a package that is designed to provide a huge amount of pleasure from the get go.

Wines will be shipped in the spring.

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