Weingut Keller 2004 – 2011

Weingut Keller 2004 – 2011
"No one knows better than Keller how to marry minerality with finesse and balance in a dry Riesling"

Klaus-Peter Keller and his wife Julia fashion some of the most highly sought after terroir driven wines in all of Germany. Famed for their dry wines, but equally revered for the tiny quantities of fruity and sweet wines, they have a legion of fans around the world that will go to great lengths to get hold of a precious allocation. Once a year they open their doors to existing customers at the release of the new vintage. In 2012, over 2000 people visited the estate, many leaving with just a few bottles.

The style here is an unashamedly mineral and hauntingly pure expression of Riesling that remains blissfully and harmoniously drinkable. When tasting these wines at the estate, they can be incredibly hard to spit.

The Holy Grail for many would be the single vineyard Grosses Gewachs wines (leaving aside the almost unattainable G-Max). We have three on offer today. But equally unmissable are the little dry wines like Von der Fells from “younger” (20-25 year old) vines of GG vineyards, whose quality/value is hard to beat. In the sweet section there are Auslesen from 2004 and 2005, the famous Morstein 3* Auslese 2009, not to mention some rare bottles of Kirchspiel Trockenbeerenausle

If you didn't make the trip recently you will have to wait until September to get hold of some of the truly exceptional 2012s, or you can fill up your cellar with some of the mature and drinking vintages we have on offer today.

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