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Building a collection of rare whiskies is a personal journey. Once begun, it is likely to involve a lifetime of searching and exploring. It is about seeking out limited releases, special editions and exciting bottles to sit alongside your beloved core selection. And because Whisky is gloriously diverse, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Great distilleries dot the four corners of Scotland with styles ranging from full bodied & smoky, rich & rounded, fruity & spicy, to light & floral. A great collection might take in a smattering of all of these. It might even venture beyond the border. But it could just as easily be devoted to the nuanced complex differences of a far more specific flavour profile; if smoky island malts from hard to find ghost distilleries are the be-all and end-all, there’s still of plenty of scope for exploration.

Styles to look out for

For those seeking a lighter style of whisky, Dalwhinnie 15 year old is the perfect introduction to the world of Single Malts. The highest distillery in Scotland (1,164 ft above sea level), it draws its water from the nearby Lochan-Doire-Uaine. This is an excellent drinker with no smoke and an abundance of fruits.

If a great story is what you are looking for then Talisker’s history is as defined by the sea as its flavour profile today- the Brothers Macaskill rowed over treacherous waters from Eigg to Skye looking for the perfect place to Distil.

If you favour rich, deep tones, Mortlach 18 year old is superb. The first legal distillery in Dufftown Mortlach is still made using the curious, fiendishly complicated 2.81 times distillation method. It has been coined “the beast of Dufftown”, its whiskies large framed and robust with fantastic mouth feel and texture. It has a great affinity for European oak which results in wonderful stone fruit flavours in whiskies that will appeal to lovers of Macallan’s deeply fruited bottlings in a less obviously oak influenced way.

Every year the Diageo Special releases offer exceptional value for money and range of flavours to suit all tastes. Unusual age statements and new wood expressions of favourite distilleries make a handsome addition to any collection. We are always happy to choose a selection from this highly anticipated release for our valued customers.

And of course, there are the ghost distilleries to explore. Brora and Port Ellen are the undisputed trophies in this category. These are the rarest of liquids, bottled from fast dwindling final casks released at great age statements. With each release unique and truly limited, these complex liquids are the bottles of collectors’ dreams. And with both of these distilleries set to open their doors once again, this is a history that is very much alive again.

There are so many other whiskies with which to whet your palate and stud your cabinet. There are seven prized highland Malts, Blair Athol, Dalwhinnie, Royal Lochnagar, Oban, Glen Ord, Teanninich, Clynelish and Brora of course. Speyside has a vast selection of distilleries, so interchanging them seasonally is great way of working through them, Mortlach for Winter, Cragganmore for Autumn, Cardhu for Spring and Linkwood for Summer. Lowland whiskies are always scarce. And never neglect the islands…

The pinnacle of many collections are prized single cask bottlings or in some circumstance the entire output of a whole unique Cask. The Casks of Distinction program appeals to individuals who appreciate knowing that they have something entirely unique in their collection, a whisky of inimitable and peerless singularity. The scarcest and most interesting casks are selected for this exclusive programme reflecting the quality, craft and expertise of Diageo’s whisky custodians. This surely is the ultimate trophy for any collection.

Summing up

A lifetime of whisky awaits. The beautiful thing about curating your own personal collection is it that the journey never ends. As a collector, your cabinet will represent many special moments in your life. Individuals all have different preferences, so we always find it fascinating looking at people’s collections, and of course, helping people make their own.

Justerini & Brooks’ relationship with whisky stretches back to the late 19th century. It is our long, extensive ties within the world of whisky that grants us access to extremely special liquids from established, esoteric and closed sites with impressive age statements. Starting a whisky collection with Justerini & Brooks is a personalised journey, guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience.

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