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Convalmore, 36 Year Old, Speyside, Prima & Ultima, 2021 Release, 1984

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Tasting Note:

The golden, smooth character and rich, sweet fruitiness of Convalmore are at their mature peak in this, our last 36 year old. Very little of the malt from this little known, but much loved ghost distillery remains. This release comes from three American Oak hogsheads filled on Thursday, November 22nd1984, a few months before the distillery closed. This exceptionally sunny Convalmore was made just at the time when Maureen was mastering the art of nosing. This in turn enabled her to see each malt whisky as an individual, rather than just a representative of its region, and armed with this insight she became a blender. There is inevitably a certain sadness that this way of seeing things came too late to save Convalmore from closure. As a Speyside, it was one of many, yet judged by taste, it stood alone. A total eclipse of the sun occurred on the very day these casks were filled. Savour this fine farewell to a fast disappearing malt, and you may find that a fitting metaphor...

The mild nose is rich in sweet aromas on a woody base; the top notes suggest pale fruits such as lychees, white grapes or melon, all with gentle acidity. The texture is thick and creamy-smooth, while the vibrant taste skilfully balances sweet hints of mandarin orange with a peppery, oaky dryness. The finish oozes rich, sweet warmth with light spice, and traces of coconut in the aftertaste.

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