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Cragganmore, Special Release, NV

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Tasting Note:

Appearance: Warm yellow-gold, with good beading.

Nose: Warming and welcoming. Softly fresh, with gentle traces of beeswax then orange zest or tinned mandarin oranges and fruit salad on a base of broad, soft malt-loaf. With time, a beautifully balancing spicy acidity appears, followed by ripe red apple. Much later, clean and dry, with a little dried herb and a marzipan sweetness. Softer and approachable with a drop of water, which introduces a menthol note; floral and heady, with hints of banana chew or fresh fruit salad with Crème Anglais. Then honey and butter on more malt loaf. Slightly nutty.

Palate: A smooth texture, with a sweet start; sugary and intense, with fragrant fondant in the mid-palate. Soon, becoming more drying; cedary and aromatic, although still unctuous. Slowly developing beautiful notes of cocoa and liquorice, then growing savoury, with porcini and a little salt. At reduced strength, still smooth but spicier and richer, cooling with soft cherry notes; then a real spritziness; finally mint imperials and late toasted grain.

Finish: Long, warming and cleansing. Growing charred, like a burnt fruit on a panettone; rounded and drying, with late flinty notes and coating tannins. Subtle smoke and spice with water; long and coating, with fresh fruit compote. Later, mint and finally, herbal again; still fiery and cleansing.

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