Glen Ord

The Singleton Glen Ord has been known by many names over its
long history, among them Ord, Glenordie, Ordie, Muir of Ord
and Glen Ord. But it can claim a more important enduring
characteristic; its whisky has always been thought, in the
immortal words of the esteemed whisky writer Michael Jackson,
“perilously drinkable”. Founded in 1838 by Thomas Mackenzie on
his land north of Inverness, the distillery can still take advantage of
local barley from the Black Isle and pure water from two lochans in
the high hills, one fed by rainfall, one by springwater. One of a
very few distilleries also to have its own maltings, The Singleton
Glen Ord enjoys a shining reputation, deservedly reflecting its
founder’s motto “I shine not burn”.
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1 whisky
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Glen Ord