Johnnie Walker, Private Collection, Limited Edition, 2017 Release, NV

  Johnnie Walker

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Johnnie Walker, Private Collection, Limited Edition, 2017 Release

The 2017 Edition is the fourth annual release in the John Walker & Sons Private Collection and the first time in the series that we’ve celebrated the full richness that cask character brings to our Blended Scotch Whiskies. This expert distillation and the mastery of oak and artistry of our Master Blender Jim Beveridge and his team combine to great effect in the 2017 Edition, a sumptuous whisky with an abundance of oak-rich fruit notes. Jim sought casks with three main styles of oak character to complement and bring richness to the mature fruit distillery character.

Firstly, active American oak. He blended handpicked malt and grain whiskies matured in first fill, ex-bourbon, American oak casks for creamy toffee and soft spice notes. The malts and grains in the second vatting had matured in refill casks, mostly American
oak, a few European. These less active casks are ell-suited for a long, gentle maturation that lets the distillery character continue to shine. Highland and Speyside distilleries were picked for their warm, sweet fruit characters.

Finally, Jim turned to his treasured stock of experimental casks, in particular Matrix, a detailed study into the flavour effects of cask treatments. A number of malts and grains matured in highly active, fresh American oak from this Matrix have generously provided an intensity of sweet vanilla for structure and depth in the final blend.

Contains Sulphites.

About Johnnie Walker

Known amongst blended whisky lovers as one of the top premium Scotch blends, Johnnie Walker is a brand which needs little introduction.

The company started out life in the 19th century, when John “Johnnie” Walker began selling whisky from his grocery shop in Ayrshire, Scotland. His blends were very popular at the time, but it wasn’t until his death in 1857, when the company was inherited by Alexander Walker, that the brand really took off. Alexander, with his son Alexander Walker II, firmly established the business and began marketing Walker’s Old Highland - a blended Scotch whisky - in 1865. Five years later, their whisky was sold in the distinctive rectangular bottles for the first time.

Over the course of the early 1900s, John Walker’s grandsons, Alexander Walker II and George Walker, established the colour-based naming system. It was in 1908 that the Johnnie Walker name was first put on bottles, after the Managing Director, James Stevenson, rebranded the range. It was around this time that the iconic walking man logo was conceived.

The brand’s most illustrious blend is, of course, the Blue Label. Made with a variety of extremely well-aged malts, the overriding flavour is one of toffee and barley, with hints of peat smoke adding lovely complexity.

Appellation: Speyside

Speyside is located within the Scottish Highlands, and is named as its own region due to the large number of Scotch whisky distilleries operating in a small area (i.e. 84 working distilleries including some of the world’s most famous) who produce whisky in their own distinctive style. Slightly sweeter and often richer in style, Speyside is the perfect region for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

There is no doubt about it, Speyside is a very special region indeed. Over half of Scotland’s single malt whisky distilleries can be found within this one geographical area, a fertile valley of the River Spey. A traditional Speyside single malt whisky would not be dissimilar to the Highland whisky, with a robust character and hints of the well-known peated flavour. However in recent times, a much broader spectrum has evolved from light and grassy whiskies to rich and sherried expressions. Usually lacking the peaty punch of the Islay and Highland Drams, these whiskies are difficult to pigeonhole. There are no definitive rules as to the characteristics of Speyside whisky, especially as age often brings increased body and most are matured in either ex-bourbon or ex-sherry casks which adds depth and complexity.

We certainly believe that there's a dram for everyone in Speyside!