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Lagavulin, 12 Year Old, Islay, 2019 Release, NV

1x70cl £91.67

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Tasting Note:

A classic stripped-down ‘acoustic’ Lagavulin, pure in style and from spirit specially selected for its high peating levels, this is a Lagavulin purist’s dream; wonderfully simple, and all the better for it.

Appearance: Bright gold, polished brass. Good beading.

Nose: A mild nose overall, with light prickle. Classic Lagavulin. The nose is highly phenolic, with clean, fresh top notes of medical supplies; carbolic, dentists’ mouthwash and medicine cupboards, all on an ashy base, reminiscent of a recently extinguished peat fire. A savoury note and a mineral, maritime note; sea air, tarry ropes, seaweed, sand. With water, the last comes to dominate, quietly.

Body: Medium.

Palate: At natural strength, smooth in texture and unexpectedly sweet, intense and very smoky from the off. with light acidity, a sprinkle of sea-salt and a very smoky finish, long and warming. A little salt, no pepper. Benchmark distillery character throughout, exactly as is expected from a Lagavulin 12. At reduced strength the taste remains the same.

Finish: Long, warming, sweet and delightfully smoky. Lightly drying, leaving the breath smoky. With water, sweeter and smoother, though the smokiness reasserts itself at the close.

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