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Lagavulin, 12 Year Old, Islay, Special Releases 2020, 2007


Distillery: Lagavulin
Region: Whisky, Islay
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Lagavulin, 12 Year Old, Islay, Special Releases 2020, 2007

7 bottles
£115.23 per bottle

Tasting Note:

Appearance: Pale gold; very pale straw. Good beading.

Nose: Mild overall, with light prickle. The top notes are unusually ashy for Lagavulin, but familiar hints of linseed oil soon reassure. Gradually fruity notes of boiled sweets emerge, as does a clean, fresh suggestion of the sea, like sniffing the sea air in a fishing harbour. With water, the aromas reduce and the more pungent, smoky notes come slightly forward.

Body: Medium.

Palate: At natural strength, soft and smooth in texture with a big taste that is sweeter than expected. Smoky too, with a little salt. A clean, fresh Lagavulin that is very lightly drying mid-palate. The sweetness is more prominent with water, when the tastes are reduced yet broadly unchanged.

Finish: Long and very smoky, as the smokiness comes through much more strongly. Lightly drying, with an appetising salty aftertaste. With water, sweeter, though the smokiness still reasserts itself in the aftertaste.

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