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Whisky, Islay



Lagavulin, 28 Year Old, Islay, Prima & Ultima, 2021 Release, 1992

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Tasting Note:

This is a very rare Lagavulin, the first of its kind, from a small experimental batch matured entirely on Islay in freshly charred American oak hogsheads. The idea came from a time when Maureen and her team were trying out different maturation techniques, and they anticipated that those active casks would mellow its smoky nature in time. When they tasted the liquid some years ago it was clear to them that it had the potential to be aged for a long period, and like a good wine she felt it still needed extra time in cask to settle down. That would bring roundness to the palate as the spicy intensity of youth abated, and so allow the full elegance to come through. Maureen was able to reserve just five of these special casks, all filled on the same day.

Mellow aromas of linseed oil and fragrant smoke introduce a smooth texture. The lightly sweet and smoky taste starts softly, with a pinch of salt mid-palate, then becomes oaky with vanilla spice and gently drying. It quietly builds in intensity and finishes long, leaving a sweet gingery warmth and light smoke in the aftertaste.

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