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Distillery: Oban
Region: Whisky, Highlands
Type: Malt

Oban, 12 Year Old, Highland, Special Releases 2021, 2008

9 bottles
£90.84 per bottle

Tasting Note:

'The Tale Of Twin Foxes'

Distilled in 2008 from freshly charred American Oak casks, 56.2% ABV.

Bright, pale gold in colour on the nose it is mellow, with elusive yet unmistakeably maritime top notes of crispy edible seaweed, crystal salt and coarse black pepper. After a while a spoonful of sweet chilli sauce and with a drop of water, light olive oil becomes the top note. Medium bodied, on the palate it is very smooth, soft and mouth-filling in texture, the taste is fruity and lightly citrus-sweet, balanced by a pinch of salt mid-palate and an insistent yet never overpowering spiciness from the fresh-charred casks. The effect is lush and vigorous, with a great balance between crunchy wood spice and fresh, fruity distillery character. Staying sweet throughout, it is delicious straight, while a dash of water lightly rounds the flavours, bringing up the fruity notes. The finish is long, spicy with a shake of pepper. Water brings forward a lovely smooth warmth in the aftertaste.

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