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Royal Lochnagar, Selected Reserve, NAS

9 bottles
£168.42 per bottle

Tasting Note:

A limited release of precious few individually numbered bottles, drawn from selected casks held in reserve, to commemorate the day Queen Victoria first visited the Lochnagar distillery in September 1848 and issued a Royal Warrant to what is today, the Royal Lochnagar distillery. Deep amber in colour, medium bodied with a smooth mouthfeel. On the nose it is deep and complex. Hedgerow flora and fruits (brambles, damson jam); sawn wood and minty-fresh pine resin. Changes and develops continually. With water, some coffee grounds, toffee, warm polythene, baked apple tart. Overall, sweet and deep. With slightly more water a hint of soft rubber and a waft of dry sherry. The finish is sharp and well-balanced.

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