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Whisky, Speyside



Strathmill, 25 Year Old, (2014 Special Release), NAS

1x70cl £250.00

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Tasting Note:

Appearance: The clear, bright gold of watery sunlight. Delicate pin-point beading

Nose: Understated, yet vibrant overall and captivating, starting tart and fruity with the delicate wild, floral high notes of a rowan jelly or elderflower cordial. After a while these fresher aromas soften and merge into a sweet stewed fruit compote. Later, there are notes of biscuit or cereal, and on further opening orange oil, a little stewed apple and crisp, white grapes. There’s a very pure and elegant structure throughout. Water softens and slightly sweetens the overall aroma but it’s no less complex, as Speyside traits and a trace of eucalyptus now emerge

Body: Medium

Palate: Creamy and coating. After the nose, the beeswax and ripe red apple sweetness of the first taste is surprising, yet there is a green, earthy note behind, with a trace of liquorice or raisins and aged, dried fruit. For a moment, a welcome, rich, dark-chocolate smoothness takes over, then drying notes of cough candy and clove prevail. With water the taste becomes fresher, with a little vanilla, and cooler, as that eucalyptus aroma translates into menthol on the palate

Finish: Long, with aromatic and drying black teas, and oak shavings. Water eases a little of the dryness and releases menthol and more clove notes. Resinous and warming too, with a rising, charred, astringency.

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