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Whisky, Skye

Talisker, 31 Year Old, Skye, Prima & Ultima, 2020 Release, 1988

Tasting Note:

In 1988 a small group of Talisker casks showed a less peaty, more rounded character when nosing the new make spirit. Remembering how special they were, the last six were reserved for this unique one in a thousand cask release. The more subtle flavours we found then are now superbly integrated; sweet yet peppery, fruity yet salty. With every nuance in perfect harmony, this extra-mature expression is rich in roaring contrasts. It is a stunning Talisker, full of vitality and with all its sweet, smoky, peppery tastes bound tightly together to make a truly beguiling and perfectly integrated whole; the very essence of mature genius. Full gold, with amber lights. The aroma is maritime overall and coy; perhaps a trace of smooth honey, underscored by a rich red fruit tartness. A drop of water introduces vanilla toffee and sweet dried seaweed, retaining the maritime scent, with a wisp of wood-accented smoke. The taste is richly textured with a smooth, oily mouthfeel, intense and lightly sweet, with a light saltiness, a hint of cigar-box smoke mid palate and a soft hit of chilli pepper at the close. The finish is long and gently drying, with honeyed sweetness alongside the smokiness and light spice.

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