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Talisker, 41 Year Old, Skye, Prima & Ultima, 2021 Release, 1979

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Tasting Note:

Made by the sea, Talisker is renowned for its maritime character. These are the last four 1979 refill American Oak hogsheads to have spent their lives maturing in the special Talisker warehouse closest to the sea, No. 4. The white walls are by turns soaked, freezing, dry and warm as the seasons turn and the micro-climate in this oasis of calm reflects the wildly varied weather of the Isle of Skye. This is a supremely rugged, smooth and muscular sea-lion of a Talisker. Unfortunately, there was precious little left in each cask.

The nose is characterful, with lightly oily and smoky top notes that lead into scents of the sea-shore; sweet edible seaweed, sea-breezes and warm sand. A deliciously mellow, lightly oily texture introduces a sweet and rich start, the smokiness rolling in with, yes, a little salt mid-palate. It is peppery too, as you would expect, with chilli in the warming finish and more linseed oil in the aftertaste.

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