Talisker, 8 Year Old, 2018 Release, NV


Talisker, 8 Year Old, 2018 Release

The first cask-strength Talisker 8 YO released by the original
distillers is inspired by the regular releases of thirty years ago,
and comes from deep-charred first fill ex-bourbon American
oak hogsheads.

Detailed at natural strength, this fine Talisker is smooth, lengthy,
integrated and precisely balanced throughout, with a sweet and
youthful assuredness.

Contains Sulphites.

About Talisker

Talisker is the only Single Malt Scotch Whisky made by the sea on the shores of the Isle of Skye, one of the most remote, rugged, yet beautiful landscapes in Scotland. Few whiskies tell the story of their origin better than Talisker. Its smell and taste instantly connect the drinker with the rugged environment – like a warm welcome from a wild sea. It’s a powerhouse; challenging but adored; once discovered rarely left.

In 1825, Hugh MacAskill of Eigg acquired Talisker House and the north end of the Minginish peninsula on the rugged, beautiful Isle of Skye
Five years later, he and his brother had built what was to become one of the world’s most popular distilleries on the shore of Loch Harport. In fact, by as early as 1898, Talisker was one of the best selling malt whiskies in the UK. Through fire, war and financial crises, this northern outpost – Skye’s only distillery – has remained strong: producing consistently fine whiskies which, once tried, are rarely forgotten. Sitting amongst the Inner Hebridean Scottish Isles, Skye is rugged, windswept, a place of extremes. The only whisky on Skye, Talisker captures the spirit of its island home perfectly. Bursting with the famous smokiness, the surprising subtle notes of black pepper, and yet rounded with a smooth finish, Talisker is a delicious contradiction.

Appellation: Island

Scotland’s small islands, from Arran, Jura and Mull in the West, to Orkney in the North, produce whiskies of varying styles. Crucial to note, however, is that when referring to the Island region, this does exclude the 'whisky capital' Islay, which is a region of its own.

Island malts, like the beautiful countryside they spring from, will provide something to suit everyone’s taste. Vicinity to the sea and the coast has a large bearing on the flavour and character of the spirit and there can be some generalisations dependant on the location of the island. Highland Park and Scapa in the northern island of Orkney are coastal distilleries but produce very different styles of whisky - malty and smoky and herbal/citrus respectively. The legendary Isle of Skye distillery, Talisker, produces whiskies that are big and punchy with plenty character. Arran, Mull and Jura all produce their own whiskies too, each very different to one another. If anything, the one generalisation that can be made of the Island distilleries is that they have pushed the boundary in regards to innovation and today produce some of the most exciting and collectable malts.

The Island malts are stylistically hugely diverse and beg to be explored!