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Talisker, Bodega 2, 41 Year Old, 50.7% ABV, Skye, NV

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Tasting Note:

Appearance: Bright amber with deep golden lights. Astonishingly good beading for this strength.

Nose: A mild nose-feel, dry and maritime overall, with light prickle from the sheer character of the spirit. The aroma presents salty-spicy top-notes and a sweet, mellow fruity middle with hints of slightly caramelised apple crumble. The base is lightly maritime, with faded boat varnish, dried fish, and just a suggestion of smoke. A drop of water alters this very little, but brings up more smoky notes. Now softer overall.

Palate: Great to drink at natural strength, when the taste seamlessly moves from sweetness through saltiness to pepper, smoke, fire and brimstone and is delicious to drink straight. The mouth-filling texture is rich and smooth. The taste starts with the sweetness of soft fudge, then a balancing saltiness gradually yields to a peppery heat that lasts and lasts. The expected chilli-pepper kick at the back is gloriously unmuted. Sweeter, more savoury and smoky when reduced, it’s still delicious, while the pepper still finds a way through.

Finish: Long, hot, smoky and delicious, with mouth-cooling Sichuan pepper in the aftertaste amid lingering threads of peat smoke. Adding water reduces the heat while lengthening the finish.

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