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23 May 2024

Ethan Youel

The names of small towns in Scotland are carried round the world mainly due to the Scotch Whisky distilleries they house. If it wasn’t for the iconic cluster of white buildings located at Lagavulin on the south coast of Islay and also places like Dufftown (which is considered by some to be the ‘Malt Whisky Capital of the World’), Scotland may not have the global fame it has today.

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Great single malt whiskies are a combination of places and people. Without them, Scotch whisky as we know it may not exist as it is today. So, it feels right to celebrate not only the liquids but the traditions, people, folklore, myths and legends that make these towns magical.

Regionality is commonly used to categorise Scotch whisky because of general flavour profiles, however even within these regions, there are towns producing liquid that are exceptions to the rules.

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With this in mind, we want to celebrate what makes these whisky towns great, and then talk about each whisky on its individual merit. Distilleries in this blog are grouped by the town they are in or are nearest to. If you’re planning your next jaunt around Scotland, and need some inspiration, we would suggest taking your time and enjoying the stories. If you are here for exploration of some of the world’s rarest and most collectible whiskies to add to your own personal liquid libraries, this will help guide you.

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