About us

Since 1749, Justerini & Brooks has been supplying fine wine to every successive British Monarch since the coronation of King George III in 1761. For over 260 years we have looked after the needs of the discerning collector looking for quality wine, expertise and personal service.

Today, our team of buyers have successfully collated an unrivalled portfolio with over three thousand different wines. And we can proudly say that we are the largest importer of domaine bottled fine wines from the top estates of Burgundy, Barolo and Germany into the UK. As well as having long-standing relationships with the finest properties in Bordeaux, the Rhône, the Loire and Champagne.

They have travelled, they have tasted, and they share with us all here, The Buyers’ blog.

Hew Blair
Hew’s 26-year tenure as Justerini & Brooks' buying director saw him become the longest-serving in the trade, reputedly with one of the best palates.

Now in his 41st year with the company, he remains as likely to be found in a vineyard in Piedmont, a cellar in Burgundy, a chateau in Bordeaux, or Riesling-hunting on the banks of the Mosel as at his desk overlooking St James’s.

Back in the 1980s, Hew made the decision to go direct to the winemaking talent rather than through import houses. He began with trips to Burgundy, the Rhone and Loire, then onto Germany and Italy.

Hew’s early support proved instrumental in the success of many remarkable names. His close relationships continue with these celebrated producers, including Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Bruno Clair, Rene Rostaing, JJ Prum, Domaine Weinbach, Elio Altare and Palliser Estate. In fact, Palliser recently named its 2013 Martinborough Pinot Noir after Hew’s Labrador, The Great Hector.

Hew pioneered En Primeur tastings in London, beginning with the Burgundy 1990 vintage. Today, Justerini & Brooks has an unrivalled collection of greats from Burgundy, shipping from over 50 domaine producers every year.

Hew is a member of the Royal Household Wine Committee, and was recently made a member of The Riesling Fellowship.
Giles Burke-Gaffney
Giles heads the Justerini & Brooks buying team of five, who travel the world in search of great wines from family-run domaines and estates.

He joined Justerini & Brooks in 1997 as a cellar hand. It was the aromas while decanting incredible wines for lunches in the dining room at St. James's Street that sparked his passion and drew him into wine as a career.

For 15 years Giles honed his tasting skills and palate, built his wine knowledge, and forged grower relationships under the tutelage of then buying director (now chairman) Hew Blair. Giles took on this highly prized role himself in 2012.

He works closely with around 200 producers, and these relationships that are the lifeblood of the Justerini & Brooks portfolio. He also puts great effort into unearthing hidden wine making talent.

Giles spends much of his year in vineyards and cellars, principally in the wine regions of Europe, and has tasted over 30,000 wines in the last 5 years alone.
Julian Campbell
Julian is responsible for The Loire, Southwest France, Alsace, Spain, Germany, USA, Chile, Argentina, Australia and South Africa.

It all started with a bottle of Cheval Blanc 1981. It was to prove an important moment that left an indelible memory, which lead first to exams and then the realisation that he could pursue his fascination with fine wine professionally.

Julian's job at Justerini & Brooks is to understand the people who make these bottles, their vision, and how they unlock the potential in the lands they farm.

This takes him to some of the world’s great vineyards, meeting many of the world’s greatest wine making talents along the way. What makes it so exciting is the almost limitless scope. On every slope there is a new bunch, a new bottle, a new taste.

It is a never-ending journey, always in pursuit of putting a little of that magic he experienced all those years ago into the glasses of Justerini & Brooks’ clients.
Tom Jenkins
Tom handles Justerini & Brooks' relationships with its Bordeaux negociants, and orchestrates the annual Bordeaux En Primeur campaign.

Tom found his way to the world of fine wine through the parting advice from a short stint in financial PR: “you need to find something you love doing and you'll probably be really good at it”. A fledgling interest in wine became a passion, and ultimately a job.

Tom spent a year in the Justerini & Brooks private client team before joining the buying team in 2008. Many years on, his enthusiasm for Burgundy, Champagne, Germany continues, and he loves the buzz of a Bordeaux campaign.

Bordeaux is where wine-making tradition meets the corporate world of business and finance; a paradoxical relationship that is quite unique in the world of wine. For Tom, spending time in the company of the Guinaudeaus, Francois Mitjavile, Denis Durantou and many other growers that Justerini & Brooks is proud to work with dispels any notion that Bordeaux lacks passion. This is still a region bursting with discoveries, constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries.