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Justerini & Brooks: A New Year Message

Justerini & Brooks: A New Year Message

Thursday 10th January 2019
by Chadwick Delaney

The start of a new year should be a time to review and reflect. A pause before the rhythm gets set for the year ahead. Here at Justerini & Brooks a great deal of activity continues to fill our time. Back in January 1991 we encouraged a small group of our Burgundy growers to bottle some cask samples and bring them over for Justerini & Brooks’ customers to taste before they bought. It was the first UK primeur tasting of Burgundy focussed on private individuals. Little did we realise how dramatically that would grow. Most pleasingly we still represent many of those estates that made that journey from France. In fact, I write this note from our Edinburgh office where this year we are extending our primeur tastings to include the New Club on Princes Street. It allows our Scottish customers to taste the new wines, and meet some of the growers, the day before the now huge London tastings begin. Bruno Clair, among others, is personally here. As he was for that very first Justerini & Brooks tasting in London back in 1991.

More widely, there is no doubt that Burgundy remains in its ascendancy, with records now being broken on an annual basis. We now represent around sixty estates in Burgundy, with Domaine Groffier in Morey St Denis and Domaine Genot-Boulanger in Meursault newly joining this year. But there is much else besides which shares our focus. A quick look through the visitors book in our St James’s street dining room shows that we have hosted a range of truly exceptional wine growers over the past twelve months. To name but a few: Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, Château Lafleur, Champagne Philipponnat and, for the first time, it was our great pleasure to welcome Soldera to Justerini & Brooks, where we drank an astonishing vertical of bottles dating back to the 1990s.

But outside these sybaritic lunches and dinners our Buyers remain wildly busy. The Justerini & Brooks portfolio expands as we continue our focus on securing high-quality estates as broadly based as Oregon, South Africa, the Gredos mountains of Spain and the volcanic coast near Naples, alongside our more traditional areas of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Barolo and the fabulous wines of Germany. We have a packed schedule of tastings and events planned in Scotland, Hong Kong and London throughout the year to help support these releases. The next few weeks alone include a Château Margaux dinner in Hong Kong, a Château Lafleur dinner in Stirling and a Marquis d’Angerville event in London, We also, once again, hire space at Somerset House to display a large part of our Portfolio on the 6th February for customers to come along and taste. There is indeed much afoot.

2018 was an exciting year for Justerini & Brooks for other reasons too. In May 2018 J&B Rare returned home, and after a gap of twenty-one years Justerini & Brooks is once again in charge of the British distribution of our iconic house whisky – a brand my visionary predecessor created in the early 1930s. There is both hard work and fun ahead. As we expand our return to whisky, 2018 was also the year we created a team within Justerini & Brooks purely focussed on the rarest and most collectible malt whiskies – responding to increasing requests from our customers to gain access to these rare and beautiful liquids.

2018 was a year of note for reasons beyond just business. We remain active in the world of polo, with fabulous British Polo Day events and after-parties thrown in Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Dubai and India over the past twelve months. Back in the UK we are thrilled with our close partnership with the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire, and our title-sponsorship of their two historic high goal tournaments each summer. And more recently, we have supported the Sentebale Polo Cup at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club.’

We continue to work on fresh ways for Justerini & Brooks to support Conservation, something we began to focus on in the 1980s with the charity Care for the Rare. In more recent years we’ve been proud to support the impactful work of Tusk Trust, and in 2018 we commissioned the renowned artist, Harland Miller, to paint a large model rhino which was then displayed in Trafalgar Square over August. Before being auctioned at Christie’s with all proceeds being donated to that cause.

Looking forward, we aim for 2019 to be even more memorable. Over the Christmas period there has been fervid refurbishment of our old St James’s Street building in preparation for our anniversary year and the associated events – 2019 marking our 270th year as wine merchants. Much has changed since 1749. Though a focus on quality and a firm belief in personal service remains our resolute aim for this New Year as much as it did when Justerini & Brooks first started.

Chadwick Delaney, Managing Director, Justerini & Brooks 

J&B Rare Returns Home

J&B Rare Returns Home

Tuesday 1st May 2018
by Justerini & Brooks

From 1st May 2018, Justerini & Brooks takes back the exclusive distribution in Great Britain of its house whisky J&B Rare, after a 21 year gap. 

The whisky will sit alongside Justerini & Brooks’ existing portfolio of fine wines and rare malts. Promoted as the wine merchant’s whisky, Justerini & Brooks created J&B Rare in the early 1930s. The whisky rose to prominence from its public association with the Hollywood Rat Pack of the 1950s and ‘60s. By 1997, the last year Justerini & Brooks distributed J&B Rare, the whisky was selling 6 million cases a year; making it the second biggest selling Scotch whisky in the world.

The pedigree bottling of J&B Rare still retains its signature blend of prestigious single malt and grain whiskies from across Speyside, featuring ‘heart malts’ from Knockando, Auchroisk, Strathmill and Glen Spey. J&B Rare’s return to Justerini & Brooks marks a pivotal moment in the company’s long-standing association with its house brand.

Discover the whisky online at 

A Le Pin dinner with  Jacques Thienpont

A Le Pin dinner with Jacques Thienpont

Tuesday 28th February 2017
by Chadwick Delaney

Last night was a rare privilege.  Our private dining room in St. James’s, the host of many truly wonderful evenings over the years, had the pleasure of welcoming Jacques Thienpont over from Bordeaux for the very first time. 

Jacques flew in to meet some of our customers who have been buying Le Pin.  It was quite the gathering.  All deep admirers of this iconic Bordeaux estate. We started the evening with a small glass of L’If ’14.  Jacques’ little St Emilion baby as he called it.  It showed a lovely balance with pure, silky fruits and was a first experience of L’If for many of those attending. 

A New Year message: Letter from London

A New Year message: Letter from London

Wednesday 4th January 2017
by Chadwick Delaney

We will all certainly remember 2016 as the year of milestones. In the broader world 2016 was a year of quite some change, which has given us a lot to reflect on. Beyond careful planning for the future, at Justerini & Brooks it was a year we allowed a small focus on celebration. 

Firstly, we had a couple of important anniversaries. Our business, which started in St. James’s back in 1749, celebrated its 150th anniversary of doing business with the United States. The arrival of ocean-going steam ships allowed the rich and inquisitive of New York to come to London, and us to go there (Justerinis subsequently opened an office there in 1866). Yet records show the U.S. didn’t even house our first overseas customer – a lone Indian Maharaja beats the glitzy and more broad arrival of Manhattan by eight years. From that first customer we now service the needs of collectors across 49 different countries.

Chairman's  Message

Chairman's Message

Monday 11th January 2010
by Hew Blair

The start of a new decade and the beginning of our 261st year of trading is perhaps a timely moment to reflect on the state of the fine wine market.

It is unquestionably the case that this time last year we looked towards 2009 through an uncertain lens. The previous six months had proven to be tumultuous and there was no strong indication of how the market would proceed.

Our deep rooted belief in the merits of quality domaine bottled Burgundy was again shown to be shared by our customers, as was seen by the strength of the Burgundy 07 Primeur campaign launched last January.

The broking market also seemed to find its footing that month; we sold more Bordeaux in the first week of January than we did in the whole preceding month of December.
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