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Holdvölgy - The Trials of Tokaji

Holdvölgy - The Trials of Tokaji

Friday 7th December 2012
by Julian Campbell

An update from our Tokaji producer Holdvolgy, that gives an insight into the waiting game involved in late harvested noble rot Aszu wines. 

The whole range of Holdvolgy wines showed brilliantly in a recent tasting held at the Connaught. Both dry and sweet these wines have a freshness and delicacy that repays constant revisiting in the glass...

2012, tiny quantities of high quality Aszú

2012 was not dissimilar to 2011, a kind of extreme Mediterranean summer that put us to the test again. But, thanks to our exceptional crus in Mád basin and careful viticulture, even the little rain we had was enough to ensure the ripening.