J Walker & Sons, King George V, Chinese New Year, Tiger
    Johnnie Walker

    J Walker & Sons, King George V, Chinese New Year, Tiger,



    J Walker & Sons, King George V, Chinese New Year, Tiger, NV

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    J Walker & Sons, King George V, Chinese New Year, Tiger, NV

    John Walker & Sons King George V is a rare combination of exquisite Scotch whiskies, drawn from extremely precious rare casks, including irreplaceable whiskies from the then silent distillery of Port Ellen. This elegantly rich and creamy whisky has rarity reflected in every drop. Rich in taste, on the palate there is an abundance of spice and dried fruits derived from the Speyside and Highlands whiskies with European oak character, this is perfectly balanced with creamy vanilla sweetness from the malts and grains matured in American oak, together releasing layer upon layer of flavour: sweet fruits, dark chocolate, toffee, spices and roast nuts.



    Johnnie Walker
    Johnnie Walker

    Johnnie Walker

    Known amongst blended whisky lovers as one of the top premium Scotch blends, Johnnie Walker is a brand which needs little introduction. The company started out life in the 19th century, when John “Johnnie” Walker began selling whisky from his grocery shop in Ayrshire, Scotland. His blends were very popular at the time, but it wasn’t until his death in 1857, when the company was inherited by Alexander Walker, that the brand really took off. Alexander, with his son Alexander Walker II, firmly established the business and began marketing Walker’s Old Highland - a blended Scotch whisky - in 1865. Five years later, their whisky was sold in the distinctive rectangular bottles for the first time. Over the course of the early 1900s, John Walker’s grandsons, Alexander Walker II and George Walker, established the colour-based naming system. It was in 1908 that the Johnnie Walker name was first put on bottles, after the Managing Director, James Stevenson, rebranded the range. It was around this time that the iconic walking man logo was conceived. The brand’s most illustrious blend is, of course, the Blue Label. Made with a variety of extremely well-aged malts, the overriding flavour is one of toffee and barley, with hints of peat smoke adding lovely complexity.

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