Welcome to Cellarers (Wines) Limited

Storing with Cellarers is not the same as storing with other firms. It would be fair to assume that all wine companies land, assign and label individual cases of wine to the specific customer as a matter of course. However, almost without exception, they do not. Physically recording and then placing individual cases into individual accounts is a very expensive process. Which is precisely what Cellarers does. Every single case of wine, as soon as it arrives in the customer’s account, is fully labelled with its owner’s details – the customer’s name, account number, full description of the wine, and a unique identifier that can prove when that particular case was bought by the customer, and when it came into the warehouse - thus ensuring that each case stored is specific to its actual owner. The case you bought is the same case you take out.

We put a great deal of pride and energy into sourcing the world’s finest wines. We think it’s only right to put that same cost, care and attention into storing them on your behalf.

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Cellarers (Wines) Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Justerini & Brooks. Close to £200 million of customer reserves are stored in Justerinis’ Cellarers service, including many of the world’s finest wines such as Petrus, Château Lafleur and Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair, for whom Justerinis is one of the few official importers.

Established in 1972, Cellarers has crafted an impeccable storage service with individual customer labelling and geographic separation from Justerini’s own stock; Cellarers stores your cases under optimum conditions and ensures that every case purchased is the same case that is taken out and delivered.

Welcome to Cellarers (Wines) Limited

Justerini & Brooks understands that a wine’s history, where it’s sourced and how it’s been stored, can have an enormous influence on the enjoyment it gives.

“We are proud to ship directly from over 200 wine producers across the globe and we can trace those cases in Cellarers back to the domaine, estate or Château they originally came from.”

Giles Burke-Gaffney, Buying Director at Justerini & Brooks

Collectors investing in fine wines with traceable provenance have long sought Justerini & Brooks, suppliers to the British monarchy since 1761.

The Facts about Cellarers

Legally Separate
Full Insurance
Rigorous Provenance
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Providing the right wines, in the right conditions, at the right time is what our clients have come to expect from us. We strive continually to improve our service and have been proud suppliers to the British Monarchy for over 270 years.

“Exceptional care is extended to each delivery; arranged swiftly and securely from the most renowned fine wine storage facility in the world, thus ensuring verifiable provenance, providing a traceable trail of ownership and ultimately, peace of mind.”

Chadwick Delaney, Managing Director of Justerini & Brooks
Exceptional care is extended to each delivery

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For more information on Cellarers (Wines) Ltd. or any of our services, please contact our team on +44(0) 20 7484 6460 or via email on cellarers@justerinis.com.