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Colour: Red
Producer: Graham's
Region: Port
Appellation: Douro
Grape Variety: Port

Graham's, Vintage Port, 2011

1 case
Equiv. £47.50 per bottle

Tasting Note:

Grahams 2011 fills the glass with floral, slatey and pungent dry mineral notes, alongside slightly reserved yet highly complex dark chocolate and cherry red fruit flavours. Of the 1454 pipes produced by the five Quintas that make up the Grahams blend only 131 make the final cut. This is severe selection of the highest order! The Symingtons are doing everything they can to make wines with more supple, managed tannins now and this shows thorugh in the 2011. Vibrant and graceful yet full of power, with lithe tannins, sweet mulberry fruit, redcurrant, chocolate and floral notes through a long and haunting finish. A superb Grahams.

Discover Port

The spectacular Douro valley is one of the world’s most breathtaking vineyard areas. The Douro’s origins are in Spain (known there as the ‘Duero’) from where it carves its way through Portugal before finally dispersing into the Atlantic Ocean at Oporto.The vine spreads like a rash over 165 ...

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