The Douro valley is the home of Port production and is one of the oldest demarcated wine regions in the world. The vineyards follow a band of Schist along the valley rising up in steep terraced slopes from the river. Upstream lies Spains Ribera del Duero. Increasingly, unfortified wines are produced here, but it is really for great vintage port that the region is known.

Douro Wine List

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Appellations of Douro

Situated in northern Portugal, the Douro Valley is renowned for its terraced vineyards that meander along the Douro River. Known as one of the oldest wine regions in the world, it gained official appellation status in 1756. While historically famous for its robust Port wines, the region has recently garnered attention for its exceptional still wines, made primarily from native grape varieties like Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz. The unique terroir—marked by schist soils and a hot, dry climate—imbues the wines with complexity, rich fruit flavors, and distinctive minerality. Increasingly, organic and sustainable viticulture practices are elevating Douro's international reputation for quality and innovation.

Grape Varieties of Douro

In the Douro Valley, distinct grape varieties contribute to the region's world-famous Port and still wines. Touriga Nacional stands as the most esteemed, known for producing deeply colored and aromatic wines with aging capability. Tinta Roriz, also recognized as Tempranillo in Spain, brings softer tannins and ripe fruit flavors to the mix.