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The Art of Collecting Rare Whisky
A Three-Part Virtual Masterclass

Welcome to The Art of Collecting Rare Whisky. Justerini & Brooks is delighted to be your host for our first ever virtual whisky masterclass. This three-part online guide takes you on a journey of discovery to start your rare whisky collection. Accompanying this experience is your very own tasting kit of four 50ml samples of exquisite whiskies from Mortlach, Talisker, Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare and The Cally, complete with a bespoke Smythson journal to record your notes.

Tod L. Bradbury, Justerinis’ Head of Rare & Collectable Whiskies, will be your host as you journey together into the world of Scotch. Assisted by Master Blender Dr Craig Wilson, Master Distiller Pierrick Guillaume, Senior Archivist Joanne McKercher and Ewan Gunn Global Scotch Whisky Ambassador, this is an exciting opportunity to gain exclusive access to the people, the insights, and the tastes of rare whisky.

In this three-part masterclass, chapter one addresses the land, the method and the people that make these precious drams. In chapter two we uncover the story of taste. Here is where you are invited to sample the whiskies in your tasting kit with Tod. In chapter three, we begin to craft your story. We'll provide advice on which whiskies are best suited to your tastes and goals, how to look after your bottles and how to build a collection that is truly bespoke.

To purchase the Art of Collecting Rare Whisky Masterclass, simply click the button below.

The Masterclass

Hosted by the makers and curators themselves, The Art of Collecting Rare Whisky gives you exclusive access to all the facts and figures, topics and tastes that you need to begin your whisky journey.
Chapter One - The Story of Experience

Chapter One - The Story of Experience

In the first chapter, Tod will guide you through the land and the production methods, introducing you to the experts that actually make Scotch whisky. This is where your personal ‘History of Scotch’ begins, helping to uncover a spirit five hundred years in the making.
Chapter Two - A Story of Taste

Chapter Two - A Story of Taste

Chapter two will explore how to taste whisky, refine your palate, and explore the language used to describe your whiskies. Using the whisky journal, you will put these skills into practise in the tutored tasting, savouring whiskies from Talisker, Mortlach, Johnnie Walker and The Cally.
Chapter Three - Creating Your Own Story

Chapter Three - Creating Your Own Story

In the final chapter we will discuss the ways in which you can build your own bespoke whisky collection. The whiskies to seek out, rare gems and distilleries to follow, as well as how to look after and store your precious bottles. Leaving you with the knowledge for a lifetime of collecting.

Meet the Experts, Makers and Curators

Tod L. Bradbury<br />Head of Rare & Collectable Whiskies

Tod L. Bradbury
Head of Rare & Collectable Whiskies

With more than fifteen years of experience, Tod is your expert guide, helping to shape your tastes and collection. He will undoubtedly be with you for many years to come as your personal Whisky Advisor.
Ewan Gunn<br />Global Scotch Brand Ambassador

Ewan Gunn
Global Scotch Brand Ambassador

With over twenty years of globe-trotting, Ewan has seen everything the world of whisky has to offer; he has unparalleled insight when it comes to the rarest whiskies in the world.
Jo McKercher<br />Senior Archivist

Jo McKercher
Senior Archivist

The value of Jo’s role is incalculable. Her attention to detail and clinical scrutiny maintains the absolute, unequivocal provenance of the world’s finest Scotch whisky.
Pierrick Guillaume<br />Distillery Manager at Lagavulin

Pierrick Guillaume
Distillery Manager at Lagavulin

Pierrick is quickly gaining almost mythical status on the ‘Whisky Isle’ of Islay. A master of the art of distillation, epic storyteller and outdoor adventurer- he literally makes the ‘magic’.
Dr Craig Wilson<br />Master Blender

Dr Craig Wilson
Master Blender

Craig has numerous accolades for his exceptional selections of Scotch, he truly knows how to find and blend the most exquisite whiskies on the planet.

I’ve had an old and worn notebook of my whisky observations for years now - packed with anecdotes, tasting notes, names and contacts. It’s by no means in the same league as the Smythson Journal you will receive, but I’m sure yours will last you a lifetime.

Tod L. Bradbury, Head of Rare & Collectable Whiskies
The Experience

The Experience

As part of the Masterclass, you will receive a tasting kit complete with four extraordinary 50ml samples of whisky, delivered straight to your door. From distilleries such as Talisker, the first distillery on the Isle of Skye, and Mortlach, the first distillery built in Dufftown - 'The Malt Whisky Capital of the world'. Also included are whiskies from ghost or closed distilleries that are no-longer producing whiskies, such as The Cally, now demolished so only the spirit remains, and from Johnnie Walker, a Ghost and Rare Glenury Royal. This limited edition release contains single malt from the once imperious Glenury Royal distillery on the east coast of Scotland, now sadly gone.

Also included in the kit is a bespoke whisky tasting journal. It features tips from Tod, a tasting wheel and insights into rare whisky collecting to help you on your whisky journey. Fill it with your own thoughts and tastes and you will refer to it for years to come. Alongside this is a glass pipette which you can use to add water to your whiskies, all contained in a beautiful Justerini & Brooks tasting presentation kit. The perfect starting point for the budding collector.

The Whiskies

Talisker, Xpedition Oak

Talisker, Xpedition Oak

43 Year Old

From the first distillery on Skye, Talisker is a powerhouse whisky that once discovered is rarely left. This 43 Year Old is the oldest release by the Talisker distillery.
Talisker, Xpedition Oak
Black pepper and chilli dance on the tongue, then overtaken by creaminess. There is a little custard, white peaches and a waxy character. The smokiness is there in the background, yet very restrained. Creaminess lingers and is joined by salty maritime notes, taking on a little marzipan with a crackle of black pepper.
Mortlach, 2019 Special Release

Mortlach, 2019 Special Release

26 Year Old

A 190 year old secret amongst whisky epicureans across the globe, Mortlach, known as 'The Beast of Dufftown', is a Speyside dram unlike any other.
Mortlach, 2019 Special Release
Oily black walnuts, cooked peaches, dried apricots and dates. Full creamy texture, with savoury notes, after time, sweet fudge, chocolate and vanilla with a touch of woody tannins and some dark cherry. Ending with - pepper and orange peel but the lingering taste is sweeter, chocolate and salted caramel note that goes on and on.
Johnnie Walker, Ghost and Rare

Johnnie Walker, Ghost and Rare

Glenury Royal Edition

From the World’s greatest distillers and blenders comes a stunning whisky that captures the essence of the long lost distillery, Glenury Royal.
Johnnie Walker, Ghost and Rare
Fresh orchard fruit (pear, peach and a hint of sharp green apple), followed by savoury olive oil notes and cinder toffee, then sherried notes come to the fore, with dried fruit and cinnamon sticks. Wonderfully enjoyable oily mouthfeel, though a floral lightness develops. Pastry, apple, black pepper. Milk chocolatey smoothness to the end.
The Cally, 2015 Special Release

The Cally, 2015 Special Release

40 Year Old

One of the first, one of the finest and once one of the biggest Grain Whisky distilleries in the world. The Cally is a single grain whisky not to be missed.
The Cally, 2015 Special Release
Coconut, sweet candy perhaps, then Werther's Originals and richer, spicier treacle. Bitter caramel now, warming wood spices, dates and cinnamon. Creamy vanilla takes centre stage for a moment. For me, 40 years spent in cask have shaped this whisky like a well-loved jacket, its welcoming, warm and friendly; it feels comfortable, smooth and familiar.

Scotch whisky is about the ingredients and the casks as much as it is the people who make it. I’m excited to share their stories, unique insights and tips on the art of collecting rare whisky.

Tod L. Bradbury, Head of Rare & Collectable Whiskies

Purchase the Masterclass

Start your whisky journey with the Art of Collecting Rare Whisky Masterclass from Justerini & Brooks. Comprising a one hour masterclass, divided into three chapters, a tasting kit with samples of four rare whiskies and a journal to document your notes. Upon purchase you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the masterclass and when your tasting kit and journal will arrive.
Art of Collecting Rare Whisky Masterclass, Justerini & Brooks
£500 inc. Duty and VAT

Gift the Masterclass

If you would like to gift the Art of Collecting Rare Whisky Masterclass, simply use the link below to buy. You will receive an email with instructions on how the recipient can access the masterclass and how they can receive the tasting kit and journal.
Art of Collecting Rare Whisky Masterclass, Justerini & Brooks
£500 inc. Duty and VAT


Included in masterclass are three videos, a tasting kit with four 50ml samples of whisky, a glass pipette and a Smythson journal.

Chapter One is 18 minutes long, Chapter Two is 30 minutes long and Chapter Three is 10 minutes long.

The whiskies in the tasting kit include four 50ml sample bottles of: Mortlach 26 Year Old, Talisker Xpedition Oak 43 Year Old, The Cally 40 Year Old and Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare Glenury Royal. Full sized bottles of the whiskies are all available to buy online at

Once your payment has been received a member of our customer services team will organise for your tasting kit to be sent to you. For customers in the UK this may take up to a week. For customers outside of the UK this may take longer. Our customer services team will be on hand to advise.

The videos will be located in the Personal Cellar area on When you purchase the masterclass, you will create a login which will enable you to access the Personal Cellar. Once you have logged in, you will find the masterclasses in the 'Your Extras' tab.

Once you have purchased the masterclass the videos will remain in your Personal Cellar in the 'Your Extras' tab for you to watch as many times as you like.

If you would like to gift the masterclass, simply visit and follow the link to buy as a gift.

The masterclass, including three videos totalling 60 minutes, four 50ml samples of whisky in a Justerini & Brooks presentation box, a glass pipette and a Smythson journal is £500 including duty and VAT.

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